About Us

A photograph of the MUSE staff.

The Muse Staff (L-R): Codie, Sophie, Marcus, Shelby, Braden, and Tammy


To build a stronger community by inspiring a passion for our history, arts and culture that has an impact regionally, nationally and beyond.


To bring enjoyment and an understanding of art, history and cultural heritage while inspiring creativity and encouraging lifelong learning for the communities we serve.


    • Respect
    • Excellence
    • Creativity
    • Courage
    • Collaboration


We acknowledge that the land on which The Muse is set is the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe of Treaty #3, and of Metis peoples.

The Muse commits to embrace and live the values known as The Seven Grandfathers – respect, love, truth, bravery, wisdom, generosity and humility – values we all esteem. It is our commitment that we will, to the best of our ability, live out these values in our work and purposes so that we can build and strengthen relationships with Indigenous communities and individuals; represent their history and culture accurately and respectively; involve their members in our work from a position of humility and an attitude of learning so that what we do and present here at the Museum and at the Art Centre will be honest and honouring.


Muse Director
Braden Murray
[email protected]

Museum Curator
Codie Brook Goodman
[email protected]

Museum Registrar
Marcus Jeffrey
[email protected]

Art Centre Programmer
Shelby Smith
[email protected]

Art Centre Curator
Sophie Lavoie
[email protected]

Administrative Assistant
Tammy Zebruck
[email protected]


1989 Ontario Historical Society Scadding Award of Excellence – recognizing a historical or heritage group which has made an outstanding contribution to the field of history.
2011 Ontario Historical Society Museum Award of Excellence in Community Involvement and Programming for Bakaan ngii-izhi-gakinoo’amaagoomin: We were taught differently: The Indian residential school experience
2012 Ontario Museum Association Award of Excellence in Special Projects – for the Lake of the Woods Museum’s Mobile Tour.
2015 Ontario Museum Association Award of Excellence – Honourable Mention in Community Programming for The Kenora Great War Project
2020 Ontario Historical Society Museum Award of Excellence – Indigenous History Award for Shiibaashka’igan: Honouring the Sacred Jingle Dress
2023 Ontario Museum Association Award of Excellence – Distinguished Career presented to Lori Nelson, former Muse Director.
2023 Muse Creative Awards Silver Winner in Event – Art Event for Rita Winkler: My Art, My World

THE MUSE BOARD (2022-2026)

  • Robert Bulman
  • Charito Gallivan
  • Anna Harty
  • Lisa Lyle
  • Cheryl Mosindy
  • Reid Thompson
  • Hannah Edie
  • Lindsay Koch, Council representative


  • The Museum Advisory Committee
  • The Art Centre Advisory Committee
  • The Indigenous Advisory Committee


Did you know?

Walter J. Phillips visited Lake of the Woods in the summers of the 1910s -1920s. This distinctive landscape would serve as inspiration until 1940.