Both the Museum and the Art Centre are physically accessible.


The approach to the accessible entrance is made from Main Street, down the driveway on the southeast corner of the Museum to a small “courtyard” in the front of the building. Cross the courtyard and the entrance is located on the northeast corner of the Museum. The Museum is ramped throughout. Wheelchair accessible washrooms are available. A wheelchair is available for use at the Museum.

The Museum offers an audiovisual tour, at no additional cost. It is available to all visitors but may be of particular interest to those who have sight or hearing impairment (headphones are available).


The main entrance to the Art Centre is off Main Street. It is a level entryway. The different levels of the Art Centre can be accessed by elevator. The Art Centre has wheelchair accessible washrooms and a universal washroom.

Did you know?

The Burley Mine was a single shaft gold mine that was sunk into a very small rock outcrop on the lake.  To stabilize the entrance the owners built cribbing around the rock.  The small, perfectly square island remains there to this day.