Research Fees and Research Request Form

Thank you for your interest in the collection of The Muse! 

The Muse consists of the Lake of the Woods Museum and the Douglas Family Art Centre. We are a non-profit organization and registered charity that relies on public support to offer its programs and services. User fees for photo/archival reproductions and research services help sustain our public offerings

There is no charge to submit a request. After you have submitted this form a staff member will contact you with options on how we will proceed. For more details on fees, please consult the Schedule of Fees below.

Please use the form at the bottom of this page to make a research request.


Schedule of Fees

Research Fees


Service Fee Notes
Self-Directed Research No fee Staff are required to pull research material for the visitor but researchers do not require research assistance beyond this.
Assisted Research
  • Free – first ½ hour of research
  • $25/hour – for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 3 hours
  • $50/hour – for rush requests (i.e., research required within 5 business days). Rush orders may not always be possible.
Photocopies $0.50/copy  
Digital Scans $1.00/page NOTE: There is a separate fee schedule for digital scans of photographs


  • Patrons are not permitted to take photographs or use portable scanners, unless otherwise approved by staff if warranted by the situation.
  • The Muse has the right to deny or withhold access to materials from its collection that may be damaged in the research process.
  • We do not hold copyright for all records in our collection. The user is responsible for securing all copyright permissions prior to use of materials beyond private research and study.

Photo Reproduction Fees

Fee (+tax)
Digital Scan $20
12 x 18 Print $30
18 x 24 Print $50
24 x 36 Print $90
36 x 48 Print $160
12 x 18 Print on Gatorfoam $40
18 x 24 Print on Gatorfoam $65
24 x 36 Print on Gatorfoam $125
36 x 48 Print on Gatorfoam $200
12 x 18 Print on Dibond $75
18 x 24 Print on Dibond $125
24 x 36 Print on Dibond $225
36 x 48 Print on Dibond $400

Research Request Form

Contact Information

Research Request

Did you know?

The Lake of the Woods is a remnant of glacial Lake Agassiz and contains 14 542 islands. The underlying Precambrian bedrock is one of the oldest geological formations on earth.