The Douglas Family Art Centre is equipped with a large capacity Skutt electric kiln.  The kiln is 28″ wide and 27″ deep, with up to 8 removable and customizable half-circle shelves measuring 26.5″ in diameter.

The kiln was purchased using funds generously donated by the Konantz family, in honour of the late Gail Konantz.  Click here to learn more about the Gail Konantz Art Education Fund.



The Douglas Family Art Centre offers both bisque and glaze firing services for those that wish to work independently with clay, but do not have access to a kiln.

Simply box up your pieces and bring them in, and we will fire them for you!  We ask that you please wait until your pieces are dry (1-2 weeks) before bringing them in.

Please review the Terms of Use below prior to booking your kiln firing.

Type of Firing Load Size Price
Bisque Firing (cone 04-08) Half-Shelf $15.00 +HST
Full-Shelf $30.00 +HST
Full Kiln (up to 8 Half-Shelves) $120 +HST
Glaze Firing (cone 5-6) Half-Shelf $15.00 +HST
Full-Shelf $30.00 +HST
Full Kiln (up to 8 Half-Shelves) $120 +HST



  • In order to make use of this service, you must know what type of clay you are working with and the appropriate firing cone.
  • Cones listed are those typically used by the Douglas Family Art Centre.  Other cone firings can be accommodated, although there may be an extra charge as we may not be able to fill the kiln at that cone.
  • For half and full shelf loads, ceramics should be no more than 8” in height. Larger ceramics may be accommodated for an additional charge.
  • The kiln will typically be fired only once it has been filled.  This means that you may need to wait a few weeks for your firing to be completed.
  • Rush firings for partial kiln loads are subject to availability and may constitute an extra charge.
  • The Douglas Family Art Centre will take all due precautions to ensure that the work is loaded and unloaded into the kiln safely, with the utmost care. The customer understands that there are sometimes risks to kiln firing (i.e., fracturing, cracking) that are out of the control of the staff operating the kiln. The customer will not hold the Douglas Family Art Centre liable for any items that may be damaged in the firing process.



The Studio at the Douglas Family Art Centre is equipped with a slab roller, several wedging boards, and a variety of tools for working with clay.  These non-consumable materials are available for use during our ceramic workshops, as well as during Open Studio programs.  Visit the Events & Programming page to see what’s happening next at The Muse!

Clay and glazes can be purchased from your preferred ceramic supply retailer — The Sounding Stone in Winnipeg is one option.

Smaller quantities of clay and glazes may be available for purchase from the Studio at the Douglas Family Art Centre.  Please contact us for more information.


For inquiries, please contact:
Shelby Smith, Art Centre Programmer
[email protected] 

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