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Inside The Muse store
Inside The Muse store

The Muse has two vibrant and interesting stores, Shop the Muse – Museum and Shop the Muse – Art Centre. Both have a strong local flavour and are a destination for those seeking high quality merchandise. Whether you’re shopping for a souvenir, an interesting gift, a good book to read or something unique for yourself, we’ve got you covered! Our small, but mighty stores are stocked with books for all ages and all interests, children’s toys, jewellery, soaps, art supplies, original artwork, art posters and reproductions and much more! Many of our products are made by local artists and crafters; many of our books are written by local authors.

Please visit Shop the Muse to find gifts, souvenirs of your favourite Museum/Art Centre moment, and unique items from local artisans. While online shopping is not available from our stores, please contact us and we would be happy to make a recommendation and even ship items to your location.

100% of proceeds from every purchase at Shop the Muse go straight back into supporting programming and services at The Muse.

The Muse Stores are open:

Say it with a Muse Gift Card!

With so many unique items to choose from in both Shop the Muse stores a purchase decision is sometimes difficult to make. If you’re not sure what to buy, a Muse gift card is always a great option! Gift cards can be used, not only in the Shop the Muse Stores, but also on programming and membership.

The Muse Members receive 10% off in both stores.

The Muse gift card
Toys and books from The Muse gift store


The Muse Stores carry toys, craft kits, educational games, books, puzzles, finger puppets, shadow books, scratch and sketch notepads, art supplies and much more for children of ALL ages.

Fidoodle rattles, blocks and dolls make great gifts! Provide a moment of reminiscence by finding your favourite old fashioned toy, like Cat’s Cradle, jacks, a train whistle or a spinning top!


Both Shop the Muse stores sell books suitable for readers of all ages and with varied interests. The Lake of the Woods Museum is proud to carry the titles of many locally born authors, including Richard Wagamese. Wagamese was one of Canada’s foremost Indigenous authors and an esteemed public speaker and storyteller. Wagamese is perhaps best known for his novel Indian Horse, a People’s Choice winner in Canada Reads. This novel and his other titles are available in the gift shop. Interactive children’s books, finger puppet books, nature guides, military history books and books of Indigenous content are also available. And if art is your passion or interest, there are plenty of books for you too!

Staff pick book of the month
Items in The Muse store

For the Nature Lover

Shop the Muse – Museum has a wide variety of items that will help you learn and enjoy nature, particularly here on Lake of the Woods. There is something for everyone:

  • Books on birds, bears, wolves, animal tracks, nutterflies, weird bugs, camping, exploring, canoeing, fishing and even wildlife rehabilitation.
  • Crafts
  • Pocket Spirits
  • Tattoos
  • Camper Pocket Knives and Whistles
  • Local artwork
  • Stickers
  • Bird Houses
  • Tattoos
  • Cardboard Safari trees, pinecones, animal mounts
  • Finger puppets
  • “Anishnuks” created by Charles Copenace
  • Water proof notepads


We have postcards, notepads, journals, calendars, desk notes, day timers, book plates, bookmarks and all things stationery.

We also carry a large selection of art cards by WJ Phillips, Norval Morrisseau, John Paul Lavand, Holly Ann Friesen and Melissa Jean. A variety of Indigenous artists are represented in art cards as well.

Stationary in The Muse store
Stationary in The Muse store

For the Artist and Art Lover

The Muse Stores have merchandise for the artist, the wannabe artist and the art lover. Everything from Paint by Sticker books, to art supplies, original artwork, colouring books, Today is Art Day artist figures, art-related books, Wj Phillips art prints, and much, much more.

If you’d like to take home a little reminder of your visit to The Muse, we also carry collection-based merchandise like magnets, scarves, decorations, mugs, bags, socks and ties!

Did you know?

Norval Morrisseau is the grandfather of the Woodland School style of art.