In the Studio: Techniques in Watercolour I with Susan Bulman

by Shelby Smith

Earlier this month, the Douglas Family Art Centre hosted Techniques in Watercolour I with Susan Bulman in the Gail Konantz Studio.

In this afternoon workshop, participants learned how different quality papers and paints can effect their results in watercolour painting. They were introduced to a variety of different brushes commonly used by watercolourists, and explored the types of marks they can make.  Susan covered the basic techniques most often used in watercolour paintings to create different effects including: flat and graduated washes, dry-brush, wet on dry, wet in wet, glazing, and more!

Techniques in Watercolour II with Susan Bulman is coming up on February 17th, 2024 from 1-4pm.  In this second session, participants can bring in their own reference photograph and discuss how to approach it as a watercolour painting. Susan will cover the basic rules of composition and the importance of value in a watercolour painting.  Participation in the first session is not required to sign up for session two.

Stay turned for more sessions with Susan in the coming months that will cover special topics in watercolours!

Did you know?

There is archaeological evidence of people living on the Lake of the Woods for thousands of years.  Radiocarbon dating places humans at the north end of the lake as early as 200 B.C.