Shop the Muse: Indigo Dye Kits

by Tammy Zebruck

A photography of the outside of the Lake of the Woods Museum.

We now have fabric dye kits available at the Douglas Family Art Centre.

Kits include Indigo Dye, Natural Dye Kits for lovely reds, oranges and yellows, Indigo Block Printing Kits and Clay Resist Kits that allow you to try fabric dying without a huge investment in materials. Each kit contains pre-measured ingredients and detailed instructions aimed at the beginner.

Handmade with love in Canada by The Love of Colour. Kits range in price from $29.50-35.50 +HST.

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Did you know?

Both the Hudson’s Bay Company and the Northwest Company operated on the Lake of the Woods, and would often sabotage each others equipment at portage sites.