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In Ancient Tongue

Irene McCuaig, In Ancient Tongue, 2022, 
Mixed Media,121.9 cm x 76.9 cm, Private collection

Kenora resident Irene McCuaig has long been inspired by dragons. “I learned dragons exist in the legends of every culture around the world, including my own Celtic heritage, where they are tasked with guarding the gates to other worlds and protecting the secrets of the universe.”

Guided by the question: What if? McCuaig asks, “What if, instead of winning a goldfish in a plastic bag at the fair, you won a dragon? What if dragonflies were really dragons? And snapdragons? What if a dragon splashed in a bird bath or shared a meal with hummingbirds at a feeder?”

Here be Dragons is an exhibition which celebrates these ancient creatures and the wonder of their magical realm.


Did you know?

The editor of the local newspaper pushed for Kenora to be named “Tresilva” instead.  He thought the word was excellent because it could be written without lifting the pen off the paper. The name Tresilva was tremendously unpopular with the townsfolk and was quickly abandoned.