Apr 20 - Jul 07, 2024 Douglas family art centre


Painting of an abstracted  tree by Holly Ann Friesen

Holly Ann Friesen. BREATHE 2 . Acrylic on Canvas . 152 cm x 152 cm

In GETTING LOST IN THE LANDSCAPE Kenora artist Holly Ann Friesen has created an experience for the audience to immerse themselves in the essence of the boreal landscape. Taking the familiar and creating something new through abstraction, Friesen invites the audience to see and feel more than the original object or inspiration and get lost in the landscape.


About the Artist

Holly Ann Friesen is a nationally represented visual artist based in Kenora, Ontario. “As an artist, I am intrigued by the idea of challenging the audience to see more than the original object or inspiration – to overcome intuition and encourage people to think more deeply about what they are experiencing. Through painting I hope to help people see and experience the world more fully.

My art practice involves taking familiar objects or scenes and creating something new while maintaining a connection to the original. The focus is to create a connection with the subject without accurately replicating it visually. By focusing on the negative space in my initial concept, I want the viewer to access the unknown and discover the subject matter with a unique perspective.”

– Holly Ann Friesen

Did you know?

Kenora was once named Rat Portage. The name came from the Anishinabe name of the local portage site, which was Wauzhushk Onigum, which meant, “portage to the country of the muskrat”.