Apr 27 - Jul 21, 2024 Douglas family art centre


Cartoon poster for Jordan Van Sewell exhibition Cautionary Tales of the 21st century

“Cautionary Tales in the 21st Century” is a collection of low-fire ceramic sculpture presented to explore various scenarios in the modern world. The methods remain the same, 200 million year old clay altered and fashioned into meaningful statements. The viewer can ponder the practice and the message to draw their own conclusions. The titles can direct the discussion. Not every piece explores the caution in the title, some look to be caught in their own moment of realization, and exploration that we become witness to.


Jordan Van Sewell is a ceramic artist working in Winnipeg for the last 30 years since attending fine Arts at the University of Manitoba. His work is included in many prestigious collections throughout the globe. The quirky sensibility of his sculptures convey profound and alarming truths about the human condition. His other work includes community activism and a commitment to make the world “a better place.”

Did you know?

Many of the properties in the Kenora area were originally gold claims— the properties on Hilly Lake were originally gold claims owned by inventor Thomas Edison