Women’s History Month: Honouring Jan Lindstrom!

by Lori Nelson

Beam Paints at the Douglas Family Art Centre

March is Women’s History Month and The Muse | Lake of the Woods Museum and Douglas Family Art Centre would like to recognize women who have made a significant contribution to The Muse over the years and whose work in the heritage/cultural sector inspires us.

Jan Lindstrom has been one of the longest serving board members of the Lake of the Woods Museum (18 years, I think!). As invaluable as she was as both a member and Chair of the Board, her involvement wasn’t restricted to the board room table. She has been vital in a number of textile-related exhibits including Black is the New Black: Fashion as Art; Something Borrowed, Something Blue; and was on the exhibit committee for Shiibaashka’igan: Honouring the Sacred Jingle Dress. As well, she has been a regular presenter of programming, teaching people how to make bread, historic Christmas treats, Scandinavian food, and the list goes on. She has assisted at special events, designed floral arrangements for the Museum, and served on the capital campaign cabinet for the Art Centre.

What would we do without Jan?! She has been a longtime champion of The Muse and has assisted us in doing much more than we could ever have done without her support, encouragement, and hard work. We honour her this month!

Did you know?

The editor of the local newspaper pushed for Kenora to be named “Tresilva” instead.  He thought the word was excellent because it could be written without lifting the pen off the paper. The name Tresilva was tremendously unpopular with the townsfolk and was quickly abandoned.