Watch Our Virtual Tour of Colour with a “U”

by Shelby Smith

If you missed out on attending the virtual tour of Colour with a “U” earlier this week, we have some good news: you can now view a recording of the evening on our website for a limited time!

Get lost in the exquisite details of over 30 vibrant textile artworks. Learn what inspired each artist and how they addressed themes of diversity and inclusion with their artwork.

The recording will only be available to watch until June 27th, so be sure to act quickly to avoid disappointment.

Click here to take the free virtual tour. 

Wilma Brock, The Urgent Colours of a Summer Garden (2019). Textile. 96.5 x 61 cm (38 x 24 in).

Dawn Piasta, Eh, Eutopian Sky (2020). Textile. 66 x 63.5 cm (26 x 25 in).

June Robertson, Psychedelic Skies 4 (2019). Textile. 78.7 x 58.4 cm (31 x 22 in).

Did you know?

Joseph Sanchez from Professional Native Indian Artists Incorporated was once struck by lightening!  He said that he felt the energy in his body for over 6 months and it changed the course of his artwork.

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