Voices: A Survival Guide for Wimmin

by Braden Murray

Happy Pride Month Kenora!


From 1978 – 1984 partners Isabel Andrews and Doreen Worden published a nationally recognized feminist newsletter here in Kenora. The newsletter was called, Voices: A Survival Manual for Wimmin. It was the only feminist LGBTQ2S newsletter published in Canada between Toronto and Vancouver, and was the only rural based feminist newsletter in all of Canada. Isabel and Doreen would also go on to help establish the Kenora Sexual Assault Centre & Women’s Place Kenora here in town.

Kenora, we need your help! Isabel Andrews and Doreen Worden also established and operated the Lesbian Archives of Winnipeg and Northwestern Ontario (LARC). The Museum does not have any copies of Voices, and we’re not aware of what happened to the LARC. These newsletters and this archive are both critical pieces of both our local history, but also of LGBTQ2S history in Canada. We need to find them!

Please share this far and wide so we can learn more about Kenora’s LGBTQ2S history and help preserve it for future generations! If you have copies of Voices: A Survival Guide for Wimmen you’d like to donate, or would allow us to scan, or if you know what happened to the LARC we would love to hear from you!

Please contact Braden Murray, Museum Educator, with any information you believe may be helpful in our search.

[email protected]

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