Shop the Muse Book Pick: The Collectors

by Rolanda Peacock (Volunteer) and Shelby Smith

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Nature lovers and collectors of all kinds will love this high-adventure quest story about two brave and clever girls who head into the forest in search of something extraordinary!

This book pick comes from one of our fabulous volunteers, Rolanda Peacock.

Winslow and Rosie are best friends who love to find treasures and preserve them on their extraordinary adventures. When they decide they need just one more extra-special artifact for their collection they set off on a new journey where they hope to find it. However, after a surprise encounter with a wild animal they are somewhat disappointed albeit surprised to find their last treasure in a place they never expected to find it.

The Collectors is Alice Feagan’s first published book. I am sure we will see more great books by Alice in the future.

– Roland Peacock, Volunteer

The Collectors was published by Kids Can Press, a leading Canadian-owned children’s book publisher dedicated to publishing fun, enchanting, and socially responsible children’s books.  We have several beautifully illustrated and written books from this publisher in both of our gift shops, as well as other carefully selected products, so stop by to see what else we have!  Both the Lake of the Woods Museum and Douglas Family Art Centre are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm.

The Collectors is available in hardcover at the Douglas Family Art Centre for $19.99 +HST, and MUSE members save 10% on all gift shop purchases!


Cover of a book called The Collectors.  Written and illustrated by Alice Feagan.  Cover shows two young girls holding hands in front of a large, dark cave.

The Collectors

Written by Alice Feagan
Illustrated by Alice Feagan

Bestselling creator Alice Feagan’s distinct cut-paper collage artwork brings this fun quest story to life and packs it with learning opportunities. The story highlights that girls can be adventurous, brave, clever and fascinated by science, and also that the natural world is a wondrous place to explore.

Recommended for ages 3-7

Available from the Douglas Family Art Centre boutique for $19.99 +HST.

As always, MUSE members save 10%.

Did you know?

In 1870 the Wolseley Expedition went through this area on route to the Red River Valley. Major General Garnet Wolseley got impatient and set out to cross the lake in a storm.  He got lost on the Lake of the Woods for two whole days!