Opening Reception for Hardship & Resilience: The History of Ukrainians in Kenora

by Braden Murray

On July 28th we had a great opening for the new exhibit at the Lake of the Woods Museum—Hardship & Resilience: The History of Ukrainians in Kenora.

A big thank you to everyone who came out, to our volunteers, and of course to our exhibit committee. An extra special thanks to Amy Kristalovich and Bill Zroback for offering the official welcome of bread and salt, and to exhibit committee members for encouraging Braden to wear (and Mary Price for loaning him!) a vintage vyshyvanka and krayka (sash) to wear for the opening.

The exhibit runs from now through to October 22, 2022.  Be sure to plan your visit to The Muse before then!

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Did you know?

The Lake of the Woods gold rush in the 1890s brought miners and investors from across North America.  By 1893 there were 20 working gold mines on the Lake of the Woods.