John “Scotty” Pattison – The Scotty of Scotty’s Island

by Lori Nelson

John “Scotty” Pattison
This is Scotty of Scotty’s Island on Lake of the Woods.
Born in Edinburgh, Scotland around 1840, “Scotty,” as he came to be known, came to Canada as a young man. He settled on an island on Lake of the Woods that now bears his name around 1880. He built a log cabin, cleared several acres for a garden, and lived alone except for the company of his cat. The occasional visits from folks from town or men coming to and from the lumber camps was enough company for him.
When Scotty passed away at Ernest Lalonde’s stopping place at French Narrows in April of 1922, it was said of him: “Perhaps, after all, he secured more out of life than those of us who live in the hustle and worry of the towns and cities.” He lived to the good age of 82 and is buried in the Lake of the Woods Cemetery.
Photographer unknown.
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Did you know?

The original telegraph lines from Winnipeg to Rat Portage were hung along the tops of living spruce trees.