International Women’s Day 2021: Florence Humble

by Braden Murray

International Women’s Day 2021—

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we are highlighting the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of Kenora area women.

Florence Humble c1910

Born in December 1889 in Rat Portage, Florence Humble lived most of her 85 years in this community. After completing high school she left Kenora to pursue her education in Winnipeg and later at Columbia University in New York City.

Education and social welfare were particular passions of Miss Humble who worked as a high school teacher and social worker, and volunteered her time with the first branch of the Children’s Aid Society, the Women’s Institute, the Kenora Public Library Board and the Lake of the Woods Museum Board.

It was said of her:

“A firm believer in equal opportunities for women in advancement of their careers, their involvement in public life and an opponent of discriminatory practices, she was a fervent admirer of the late Nellie McClung…But in spite of the strength of her convictions, a keen sense of humour saved her from narrow-mindedness, heated discussions and often eased solutions to complicated problems, while her inconspicuous generosity made possible the education which launched several young people upon successful careers.”

Photographer unknown

Did you know?

Walter J. Phillips visited Lake of the Woods in the summers of the 1910s -1920s. This distinctive landscape would serve as inspiration until 1940.