In the Studio: Portrait Painting à la Laurie Dufresne

by Shelby Smith

On February 25th the Douglas Family Art Centre had the pleasure of hosting the incredibly talented Laurie Dufresne for a full-day portrait painting workshop. Participants learned techniques for working with fluid and high-flow acrylic paints, colour mixing using a limited colour palette (red, blue, yellow, and white), and how to improve resemblance in portraits by painting what we 

As Art Centre Programmer, I was able to participate in this workshop as part of my professional development and my experience was incredible!  The content of the workshop was on par with University painting courses I have taken previously, and Laurie was encouraging and thoughtful in her feedback to all participants throughout the workshop. 

Thank you, Laurie, for sharing your talents, knowledge, and creative process with us!

Did you know?

The Lake of the Woods is a remnant of glacial Lake Agassiz and contains 14 542 islands. The underlying Precambrian bedrock is one of the oldest geological formations on earth.

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