In the Studio: Making Tikinaagans with Ryan and Shannon Gustafson

by Shelby Smith

Last month The Muse was honoured to host a two-day Tikinaagan Workshop at the Douglas Family Art Centre with the talented artist duo of Ryan and Shannon Gustafson.  Fun was had, laughs were shared, and all participants came out with their own beautifully handcrafted tikinaagan!  This event was presented at no cost to participants thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Kenora Chiefs Advisory.

Expect to see more from the Gustafsons at The Muse this fall when the Douglas Family Art Centre will have the exhibition PiitwewetamMaking is Medicine on display. This commemorative art exhibition, organized and circulated by the Thunder Bay Art Gallery, presents artwork by the Gustafson family: Shannon, Ryan, Justine, and Jade. This exhibition honours their son and brother, Piitwewetam (Rolling Thunder), also known as the late Jesse Gustafson who travelled to the spirit world after a car accident in 2015.
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Did you know?

During the Second World War German prisoners of war were brought to the Lake of the Woods area to cut wood for the local mills.  Many of the prisoners enjoyed their time in the Canadian wilderness, and a number of them immigrated to Canada when the war ended.