Apr 15 - Jul 08, 2023 Douglas family art centre

Written by Water

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Teresa Bowyer, Water Spirit (Inverness Falls Resort, Brereton Lake), Oil on birch Panel, 80 x 108.6 cm

Written by Water is a collaborative exhibition of music and paintings inspired by the textures, colours, and temperament of the water from the Lake of Woods region. This series was first conceived in music on the harp by songwriter, singer and musician Olivia Whiddon, whose music in turn inspired the paint brush of artist Teresa Bowyer. With a shared love of the outdoors, and especially water, Whiddon and Bowyer let the landscape speak to them in their own ways. With an intuitive approach they shared their expressions, inspiring the other as both artist and muse, weaving a story written by water.

There will be an opening reception held on May 6th, as well as two shorter performances by Olivia throughout the show run.  Click the links below to learn more:

Dragonfly's Minuet

by Olivia Whiddon | Written By Water

Olivia Whiddon Dragonfly’s Minuet from the album Written by Water


Teresa Bowyer graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University, Montreal. Over the years, she has honed her skills as an illustrator and deepened her knowledge of anatomy and organic forms by virtue of studio practice and subsequent fellowships in Ireland.

Her work is found in private collections in Japan, Iran, Scotland, the United States, Canada, Ireland and England.



The first pieces Olivia learned as a child were evocative of nature, and strongly rooted in Celtic and Canadian folk music. As a professional musician, much of her effort has been focused on classical music. She teaches music full time, privately and as an Artist in Residence with the Kenora Catholic District school board, and is the creative director of Kenora Opera Theatre, while continuing to perform regularly. In 2016, she went back to her roots and built a small Celtic harp with Esme Boone, which led to the purchase of a 34 string Ravenna Dusty Strings harp and a 25 string Christina Triplett harp. In August of 2019, she was a Bridge and Falls Creative Resident in Sioux Narrows, ON where she began writing for harp and voice. This residency was where the project Written by Water began. She loves working with artists of different disciplines and is especially interested in the interplay that can be made between music and visual art.

Did you know?

Walter J. Phillips visited Lake of the Woods in the summers of the 1910s -1920s. This distinctive landscape would serve as inspiration until 1940.