Dec 03 - Dec 24, 2021 Douglas family art centre

The Jingle Ball

Christmas trees. The human form. The art of decoration. Marry these three together and what do you get? The Jingle Ball!

The Jingle Ball is an exhibition featuring several mannequins decorated to look like a cross between a high-fashion garment and a festive holiday decoration. Community members were asked to submit their design ideas, either individually or as a group, and the approved projects have been constructed by the artists for this display at the Art Centre this holiday season.

Every piece in the exhibition is as unique as the individual or group that created it, from the materials used to craft the garments to the chosen silhouette. Accompanying each dress is a written description by the artist that describes their inspiration for the piece and provides insight into their creative process.  

Enjoy the magic of the holiday season at The Jingle Ball!

Did you know?

Kenora was once claimed by Ontario and by Manitoba. Both provinces claimed the area between 1878 and 1884. The case was resolved in 1884 by Queen Victoria’s Privy Council, the highest court in the world at the time.