Oct 20 - Jan 31, 2020 Douglas family art centre

The Artists’ Muse

Aneita Gates FIXING THE WATER PUMP 2014 Watercolour 50.8 cm x 71.12 cm

This Grand Opening exhibition celebrates the artists from the region of Lake of The Woods with a juried selection of artworks inspired by the theme of THE MUSE. Artists were asked to create a piece expressing the source of their inspiration, sharing their Muse, and provide a peek into what moves their thinking, emotions, and spirits.

For some, the opening of the Art Centre will be their first experience in an art gallery. Our hope is for them to have an artistic experience; cerebrally, emotionally, and spiritually. Art is a means of communication. It is a voice of expression, a means to present a personal lens of the world, with each artist having an individual view as unique as a fingerprint. Art is a way we can communicate without words: without being hampered by limitations in language or perspective. It can broaden our view of the world by showing us other points of view. As one becomes more familiar with art and develop their artistic eye and understanding, they become more open and receptive to the varying expressions of the human condition. Art can bring a community together by bridging cultural divides and touching on our common humanity.

By inviting the artistic talent of the fourteen First Nations and five communities within the five hundred kilometre region of Lake of the Woods, this exhibition shares the spirit of the people here. Through the expressions of our artists, we can, as a community, experience a vision of our collective identity.

Accompanying each art piece will be the artist’s statement, further bringing the audience into the artist’s world, experiencing their MUSE.

Did you know?

There is archaeological evidence of people living on the Lake of the Woods for thousands of years.  Radiocarbon dating places humans at the north end of the lake as early as 200 B.C.