Oct 01 - Nov 20, 2022 Douglas family art centre

Seasons From a Bird’s Eye View

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Dakota Vandale : Photographer

Senior Stepping Stones Program: KPDSB

I wanted to document the vast changes of each season with a bird’s eye view.  Utilizing the metrics from a drone interface, I was able to recreate the shot week after week.  The DJI Mavic Mini 2 was the drone we used, and I was able to learn the basic operations of this equipment to capture these images.

I chose a basic composition by utilizing the rule of thirds for the land, water, and sky. I was also able to use leading lines to guide the viewer’s eye through the image. The operating of the drone was a little nerve wracking at first, but with time became very enjoyable.

It was fascinating to see the dynamic change of the seasons over a 15 week period. There were some weeks where we were unable to access the location due to severe storms that came through this spring.

I’m a student at Beaver Brae Secondary School in the Senior Stepping Stones classroom out of the Valley Drive Group Home. I wanted to get into photography for a while now and i felt this was the perfect opportunity to do so.


Youth Life Promotion Coordinator from the Ne-Chee Friendship Centre

These photos were taken on Treaty Three Territory, the lands and water of the Anishinaabeg.





Did you know?

During the Spanish Flu epidemic the Kenora Public Library was converted to an emergency hospital.  In the three months of the epidemic at least 66 people died of the flu.