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Phillips Interpreted

Jan Lindstrom. Aloha Cottage, Lake of the Woods, 1929. (2010s). Cotton fabric, hand dyed fabric, tulle, metallic threads, silky sheen threads.  50.2 x 60.1 cm.

QA5 is a small local group who have been learning and collaborating through quilting arts for the past five years. More recently this group has been exploring a variety of techniques and themes in their work, including interpreting artworks through the creation of pictorial quilts.  

Phillips Interpreted was born of a common love for Lake of the Woods and an appreciation for the artwork of Walter J. Phillips. Over three years the artists of QA5 –Nancy Bergman, Judy Christie, Jan Lindstrom, Maryanne Nilson and Pat Schwartz –have created their interpretations of Phillips’ works that were inspired by the Lake of the Woods region.

Each artist selected pieces by Phillips, whether it was a watercolour, etching, engraving or woodblock print, that sparked their creativity. Using photographs of Phillips’ work, the artists each found their own expressions employing raw edge appliqué, carefully selected quilting materials, threads and embellishments, as well as hand dyed fabrics, painting with dyes and embroidery techniques.   

Their work beautifully echoes the nuanced and gentle Lake of the Woods of Walter J. Phillips by incorporating their own unique perspectives in their own unique medium. 

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