Jun 13 - Jun 17, 2023 Lake of the woods museum

A Walk in the Wilderness

Early Years Community Project

A picture of a log on the forest ground with a black and white sneaker stepping on it.

Grand Opening – Thursday, June 15. Free Admission. All welcome.

The Muse is pleased to partner with a number of community organizations which include:

  • Gaagagegiizhigook Childcare Centre and School
  • Gaagagekiizhik School
  • Kenora Catholic District School Board
  • Kenora District Services Board
  • Keewatin Patricia District School Board
  • Ne-Chee Friendship Centre
  • Kenora Association for Community Living 

in a celebration of the thinkings and wonderings of our community’s youngest citizens. 

Educators and their students ventured outside to discover what captured the children’s imaginations. The result of their wilderness experiences will be presented in their exhibition. 

This is the second iteration of this project, the first being presented last year. It was an incredible presentation of artistic expression, that included science, design, colour, and wonderful imagination. 

Everyone is welcome to visit!

Did you know?

During the Spanish Flu epidemic the Kenora Public Library was converted to an emergency hospital.  In the three months of the epidemic at least 66 people died of the flu.

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