Jun 14 - Jul 16, 2022 Lake of the woods museum

35th Annual Lake of the Woods Quilters Guild Quilt Show

Quilt depicting the flower Rudbeckia hirta (Black-eyed susan) on a dark background.

We are so pleased to welcome back the Lake of the Woods Quilters Guild. After a two year hiatus, they will be returning to the Lake of the Woods Museum with their 35th annual show. 

Always a crowd-pleaser, this exhibit features the work of members of the local guild which they have completed since the last exhibition. Their hand-pieced and quilted and/or machine quilted works range from full-size bed quilts, to wall-hangings, table runners, clothing, etc. It is always a spectacular show of creativity and skill. 

Did you know?

Kenora was once claimed by Ontario and by Manitoba. Both provinces claimed the area between 1878 and 1884. The case was resolved in 1884 by Queen Victoria’s Privy Council, the highest court in the world at the time.

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