Could a Visit to The Muse be Good for Your Health?

by Shelby Smith

Did you know that participating in arts, culture, and heritage activities may be good for your health?

Canadians’ Arts Participation, Health, and Well-Being, the 53rd report in the Statistical Insights on the Arts series, found that arts, culture, and heritage activities have a strong statistical connection with overall health. Individuals who participated in these activities were more likely to report very good or excellent health than non-attendees or non-participants.

With that in mind, a visit to The Muse may be just what the doctor ordered!

Click here to view the full report from Hill Strategies.


Did you know?

Kenora was once named Rat Portage. The name came from the Anishinabe name of the local portage site, which was Wauzhushk Onigum, which meant, “portage to the country of the muskrat”.