Call for Submissions: Art in the Time of Corona

by Sophie Lavoie

Dear Artist:

The Douglas Family Art Centre is inviting all creatives to create a piece of art inspired by our COVID-19 circumstances. In the future there will be an exhibition of these works which will be a way for the community to come together, post-pandemic, to explore how it has affected us all.

Many are looking for an outlet to express what they think and how they feel in these unprecedented times. Art is just the thing! Write it down, sing it, strum it, sew it, play it, sculpt it, dance it, draw it! Is it cool? Are you scared? Do you miss anything? What have you learned or discovered? Are you closer? Further apart? Did you rediscover knitting? Did you start learning the guitar? Is gardening your new thing? Are you struggling, thriving, dreaming…?

This is an exhibition in which all creatives can participate. There is no age limit. Maximum size for visual art: 36” x 36”.
Maximum length of video, reading, or performance: 10 minutes.
One submission per person.

Accepted forms of art include: painting, dance, writing, music, performance, sculpture, drawing, textiles, photography, video and mixed media. All submissions will be accepted, however, submissions must be ready to hang, install or present.

This Artist Call is open to artists who live in the region, whether year-round or seasonally.

Deadline for submission: August 24 at 11:59pm
Late submissions will not be considered.

Submissions are now closed.

Did you know?

Both the Hudson’s Bay Company and the Northwest Company operated on the Lake of the Woods, and would often sabotage each others equipment at portage sites.