Art for Lunch: Artist Talk with Nancy Bergman

by Shelby Smith

On Thursday local artist Nancy Bergman visited the Douglas Family Art Centre to talk about her solo-exhibition, Somewhere in the Sky. Bergman led everyone through her exhibition, piece by piece, discussing the different techniques and inspirations for each of the twenty art quilts in the series.

In her artist statement, Bergman writes:

During the day, we look at the beautiful sky and see its changes, wondering what’s out there.

The circle is found everywhere in nature and dominates our lives. When we view the sky, we see the circles of the moon, sun, planets and stars. Ancient cultures used the circle to note the way that time and the seasons passed in a cyclical way. This selection of quilts symbolizes the sky and its mysteries during a twenty-four hour period.

In the series, we see the sky in the early morning, at noon and in the early evening hours. Overnight, we view our closest neighbour, the moon, and travel through our solar system and finally into outer space.

If you missed out on the talk but would like to learn more about the exhibition, we have two guided tours of the exhibition up-coming:

Click on the dates above for more information on how to join a tour of Nancy Bergman: Somewhere in the Sky.

Did you know?

The Tugboat Mather was the last steam boat on the Lake of the Woods, retiring in 1960.