Art at the Lake Opens Tomorrow! (Friday, July 24)

by Shelby Smith

Photograph of a white sign reading "Yes, we're OPEN" in black text.


Art at the Lake: Celebrating 60 Years of the Sioux Narrows Arts Festival opens tomorrow (Saturday, July 24th) at the Douglas Family Art Centre!
Art at the Lake is a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Sioux Narrows Arts Festival. It features the artwork of twenty past and present artists who have contributed to the Festival over the years. The works are either on loan from the artist or from private collections.
The exhibition is on display until August 8th, so be sure to stop by soon!

Did you know?

The editor of the local newspaper pushed for Kenora to be named “Tresilva” instead.  He thought the word was excellent because it could be written without lifting the pen off the paper. The name Tresilva was tremendously unpopular with the townsfolk and was quickly abandoned.