Archives Awareness Week 2021: Plan of Rat Portage Water Works System (1899)

by Braden Murray


April 5th to 9th is Archives Awareness Week! #2021AAW

This archival document is the plan of the original Rat Portage Water Works prepared by the design engineer John Chalmers in 1899. This steam pump powered waterworks was designed and built in response to a local outbreak of typhoid fever 1897 caused by tainted water. The steam pump was built in the vicinity of the current water treatment plant. The original system had 27,000 feet of pipe and 36 fire hydrants, and when running at full capacity could supply 500,000 gallons of water a day.

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Did you know?

During the Spanish Flu epidemic the Kenora Public Library was converted to an emergency hospital.  In the three months of the epidemic at least 66 people died of the flu.