Archives Awareness Week 2021: Plan of Rat Portage, Ontario (1880-81)

by Braden Murray


April 5th to 9th is Archives Awareness Week! #2021AAW

Despite not officially being an archive, The MUSE has a large collection of archival materials like– photos, documents, maps, brochures, diaries, and letters.

This map is one of the oldest in our collection and shows downtown Kenora in 1880-81. Not a single one of these buildings is still standing because of a series of disastrous fires, but the street layout is essentially the same.

While you’re here—
95% of the Museum’s collection has been donated by members of the community. We are always accepting donations for the collection. Do you have photos, maps, documents, diaries, or letters related to local history? We’d love to see them! We can even scan and return the originals AND give you a copy of the digital file. Under certain circumstances tax receipts are also available for donations.

If you are interested in donating to our collection, please contact us.

Did you know?

The editor of the local newspaper pushed for Kenora to be named “Tresilva” instead.  He thought the word was excellent because it could be written without lifting the pen off the paper. The name Tresilva was tremendously unpopular with the townsfolk and was quickly abandoned.

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